My main focus for these classes is nervous system regulation: supporting yourself in downregulating unnecessary threat response (fight/flight or freeze) and return into a more balanced and regulated mode of social engagement when needed. 

Some of us find our way back to stable equilibrium by way of stillness in seated meditation, pranayama or supported yoga postures. Some of us are more prone to regulate via soft, sensitive, slow movement. I’ll be recording a both kinds of practices while Copenhagen is in lockdown as I’m in my home with my family. 

All classes are one-takes and improvised based on what my own body needed at the time. This is not necessarily representative of how I would normally teach yoga, it’s rather a sharing of my own practice, in direct response to the situation as it unfolds. 

You can help in 2 practical ways.

  1. Now that you've found it, you can share it with others by sending the link to anyone you feel would benefit from these classes. 
  2. You can donate any amount via MobilePay to 15296 (Danish users) or via PayPal ( *All donations are officially accounted and you can request an invoice.

These classes are free and open to all who need them. Paid content will be available later, mainly to yoga teachers wanting to refine their teaching skills.

About nervous system regulation:

Humans are social animals, designed to attune to each other to collectively and efficiently respond to perceived threats in our environment. It is therefore a natural and vital part of our response a global crisis when we pick up stress-responses from the social fabric. This can be felt as changes in the way we experience body, breath, surroundings as well as changes in the way we interact with others.

Getting support in stabilising our nervous systems so you can respond adequately to the situation involves becoming able to to pendulate back and forth between a relaxed, socially engaged state and more activated stress responses like fight/flight or freeze. Holding your threat response gently in a space where you can move through its rhythmic quality rather than trying to make it go away. 

Feeling body sensations is where things become real for us, it’s also part of what can get us back into stable equilibrium. Regulation is based on a what is actually happening around us, so we can naturally return to stable equilibrium when there is no immediate danger. 

By being sweet and loving with your own stress-response and actively practising to stabilise your own nervous system daily, your will not only benefit yourself. Your “neurological WiFi” also transmits the rhythm of regulation to those around you, thereby supporting yourself and others in adequately dealing with the stress that this crisis involves.